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Why Join Your Local Fire Department?

Making a commitment to serve as a firefighter or EMT is a serious decision and involves a profound commitment. After joining, you will find that participation as a member of our service will bring great personal rewards and satisfaction.

Asking yourself "why should I join my local fire department" is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. Below are just a few examples of why some of our members have joined in the past.

Have You Ever Witnessed Someone Having a Medical Emergency and Wished You Could Have Helped

Unfortunately bad things happen to good people everyday. Whether someone is having difficultly breathing or a driver, who is trapped in a vehicle after an accident, many people want to help but do not have the training or expertise to effectively help. Joining your local Fire Department will give you training in CPR, how to handle medical emergencies, and what to do should a fire or hazardous materials leak occur.

Working in a Team to Help Others

Completing a task as a group that is simply too large for any one individual to accomplish puts a sense of pride in everyone who is involved. Fire service is built around small teams of Firefighters and EMT working together to help those in need. These teams work together to complete tasks such as stretching hose lines to attack fires, removing someone who has fallen into a deep hole, and throwing ground ladders; just to name a few.

Grafton Fire Department training with Flight for Life.

Experiences Not Found in Other Career Fields

Some fire department members join to gain experiences that they would never have the opportunity to have outside of the fire service.

Whether it be in training or on actual calls, members perform tasks such as extinguishing fires, extricating individuals from car accidents, and performing EMS skills.

Watching a Fire Engine Go Past and Thinking You Could Be In One of Those Seats.

Some people grow up with the dream of one day becoming a Firefighter and others see a fire engine or ambulance going to help someone and realize they could be helping out in their community. How ever you developed your interest in the fire service, take a look around and see what your local fire department has to offer.

Wanting to Make a Difference in the Community

Every call the Fire Department receives is another time in which our members are helping someone in the community. Neighbors helping neighbor is one of the many ways that our members find their work rewarding.

A Drive to Challenge Yourself Both Physically and Mentally

No doubt the fire service requires Firefighters and EMTs to complete tasks in less than ideal environments. Carrying a ground ladder through snow to a house that is on fire or carrying an patient, who can not walk, down a flight of stairs and out to the ambulance are just a few examples. Many people find working in these complex environments enjoyable because it challenges them.